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Our portfolio of past projects is manifold: we have worked with local and national businesses, student and state-wide non-profits, and even organizations on our campus, both student and university-run. Our teams combined strong skills, diversified experience, and an avid passion for marketing to generate thoughtful, creative, and effective strategies.

Featured Case Studies

Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff Eatery is a burger chain that uses farm-fresh ingredients. The Georgetown Good Stuff location prides itself on community engagement and was looking for ways to create buzz, especially as competitors generate hype through social media and events. To increase brand awareness, we created a thorough marketing plan with the goal of forming meaningful student partnerships and creating targeted social media messaging.

Thrive DC

Thrive DC serves as a one-stop shop for those in need of services ranging from food, laundry, showers, and job placement. They help provide resources to the DC homeless and impoverished community as well as formerly incarcerated people. Thrive DC has become the sole provider of people experiencing housing instability in areas surrounding Ward 1. To increase their support and achieve sustainable practices, we must grow their social media engagement, financial donations, and volunteer engagement. 

District Doughnuts

District Doughnut, a gourmet chain with five D.C. locations, offers fresh, artisanal doughnuts daily. However, its lack of distinctive experience deterred frequent student visits. After assessing the Georgetown branch, we found that students needed more incentives for return visits. In response, we charted a strategy to bolster customer attraction and loyalty. This included introducing recognition programs and forging a stronger tie with Georgetown University. We aimed to make District Doughnut a staple in student life, merging comfort with delight.

Previous Collaborations

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