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Prevent and End Homelessness
An Equal Opportunity to Thrive

The Issue

The Insight

Our Solution

Thrive DC serves as a one-stop shop for those in need of services ranging from food, laundry, showers, and job placement. They help provide resources to the DC homeless and impoverished community as well as formerly incarcerated people. Thrive DC has become the sole provider of people experiencing housing instability in areas surrounding Ward 1. To increase their support and achieve sustainable practices, we must grow their social media engagement, financial donations, and volunteer engagement. 

Thrive’s core message is “Every person has the opportunity to thrive, and every person can help.” After speaking with their staff members and analyzing their online presence, we noticed a lack of consistent themes in social media posts and inconsistent involvement with their donors and volunteers. Thus, we targeted posting strategies such as live videos, planned campaigns, and schedules for posts in order to maximize engagement and optimize alignment with their mission.  

We began delving into a comprehensive analysis of their social media audience engagement and donor retention in their fundraising campaigns. We then developed strategies to engage, retain, and attract donors and volunteers, such as Instagram verification, action-based language, and the power of storytelling by conducting client and volunteer spotlights. We also utilized our relationship with student-run organizations at Georgetown, such as The Credit Union, The Corp, and The Public Service Fund, to promote the presence of Thrive DC’s fundraising campaigns. By promoting Thrive DC’s online engagement and professionalism, we can increase the sustainable growth and impact of the organization. 

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