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From Farm to Taco.
Delivering warmth in every nutritious bite.

The Issue

The Insight

Our Solution

Chaia Tacos, a local shop serving tacos made entirely out of vegetables, has a diverse menu of seasonal, local, and inventive taco creations. After its opening, Chaia was a popular hub for students to dine. However, as the initial generations of students graduated, Chaia’s brand awareness declined. A scarcity of targeted customer engagement practices reduced opportunities for Chaia to connect with new generations of students. 

Once we spoke with one of Chaia’s founders, we learned that Chaia prides itself on its values─good food, seasonality, local farms, sustainability, and warmth─but needed help infusing these values into each step of the customer journey. Thus, we looked at the competitive landscape and discovered that Chaia could follow suit on its competitors’ ability to captivate audiences both inside and outside of its physical location.

We started with an exploration of Chaia’s value proposition for Georgetown students: what makes the trip to Grace St. worth it. We then developed comprehensive digital marketing strategies that targeted crucial touchpoints where Chaia could attract new student and faculty customers, such as the Georgetown Farmers Market, Instagram, email newsletters, loyalty punch cards, and on-campus club catering events. In promoting Chaia’s values throughout multiple channels in the Georgetown community, we brought the familiar warmth of Chaia back to campus. 

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