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The Georgetown Marketing Association (GMA) is the premier student-run marketing consulting group on the Georgetown campus. Our mission is to empower aspiring future marketers by offering quality training, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities with industry employers. Within GMA, members can participate in strategy and creative focused trainings led by esteemed faculty from the McDonough School of Business. Moreover, students can elevate their classroom knowledge by consulting for real-world clients through our Agency branch, delivering robust and impactful marketing solutions for local businesses. Additionally, we organize networking events with seasoned marketers and industry professionals to ensure our members are well-prepared for their career journeys. At GMA, we not only foster professional growth but also cultivate a community, forging lifelong connections for students from Georgetown and beyond.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a forum in which all students can discover and explore their interests in marketing with like-minded peers and industry professionals outside of a traditional classroom setting. We strive to provide students with the opportunity to engage in marketing projects with esteemed McDonough School of Business faculty as well as real-world clients, creating a community of enthusiastic, passionate students with a vested interest in marketing.

Our Mission

GMA's mission is to provide members with quality training, hands-on experience,

and employer networking opportunities.


  • Quality training: We provide all of our members, both those working with our agency and our general members, with training and other educational opportunities to develop their career skills for the workforce following college.

  • Hands-on experience: Our agency branch (Georgetown Marketing Agency) furthers our pre-professional goals by providing our members with real-world marketing experience to apply their training. Our clients range from national companies, to small businesses, to non-profit organizations, and finally other student-run organizations at Georgetown University. Our projects range from market research, brand development, campaign planning, and more catered to the clients’ business challenges to give students a comprehensive view on how to build the marketing presence of a company. In our work with other student organizations, we help them improve their advertising activities to increase their exposure among the Georgetown University community.

  • Networking with Employers: We strive to introduce our students to industry leaders and those working in marketing-related roles at companies in which they are interested. From this, we strive to connect our members with networking and job opportunities and provide them with all of the necessary resources to achieve their career goals.

Our Values

Spark Innovation

Providing members with the tools and resources to spark creativity and learn from trends

Uphold Truth

Demonstrating integrity in all facets of work to do the right thing

Foster Belonging

Contributing to a supportive community of ambitious and respectful students

Pursue Excellence

Striving for the highest quality of work

Teamwork Makes

Dream Work

Fostering a community of inclusion and empowerment for every member

Cultivate Commitment

Committing to a task and delivering from start to finish

Embrace Progress

Always looking for ways to improve, grow, and excel.

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