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Georgetown Marketing Agency

Georgetown Marketing Agency is Georgetown University’s first student-run, pro-bono marketing agency. We bring together students from across all four schools at Georgetown, creating an outlet within which they can explore their interest in marketing while exercising and developing their individual skillsets. With our dynamic Account Managers, analytical Strategists, and versatile Creatives, we provide strategically driven creative solutions for clients looking to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.


Learn more about our Agency here.

Professional Development

GMA’s Professional Development Department, launched fall 2019, functions as the primary branch through which we establish industry contacts and helps our members network with companies of interest. We utilize Georgetown’s strong alumni network to organize various programming opportunities that connect students to previous Georgetown students now in the field. We strive to serve as a consistent point of contact for students looking to develop their career goals and accelerate their career path in marketing.

Brand Management

The Brand Management & Marketing team of GMA maintains the brand identity of our organization and oversees all of our marketing efforts. The team ensures that GMA’s visual identity and brand messaging remains consistent at every brand touchpoint, such as our social media, website, and on-campus marketing. The Brand Management & Marketing team also oversees all of our marketing and promotion on campus, aiming to reach and interact with anyone interested in learning about marketing.

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