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Spring 2024
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Who can join GMA?
⇒ Anybody can join GMA! We welcome any undergraduate student in any school and of any class at Georgetown. Those students in their first semester on campus can only be General Members pursuant to the McDonough School of Business Student Advisory Board. After serving for one semester as a General Member, students can apply for Applied Membership.


What is a General Member entitled to?
⇒ General Members are extremely important to GMA. They have access to essential education and training, shareable resources, and socializing. They are able to attend all trainings, General Body Meetings, and midterm and final presentations. 

What does GMA look for in applicants?

⇒ There's no formula for being in GMA! In general, we look for aspiring marketers who can really come forward with their POV and tackle business problems with a creative-driven strategy.

I have no experience in marketing, is that okay?

⇒ Totally! Most of our members came in with limited experience in marketing. We have a robust training curriculum that can help get you onboarded!

What is the benefit of being an Applied Member?
⇒ Applied Members can serve on a particular GMA Team. They can serve on a client project as a Creative or Strategist or join the Brand Management or Professional Development Committees. Applied members can also become leaders in the organization.

What happens if I am not chosen to be an Applied Member?
⇒ Do not worry! You may re-apply in the following semester. All members who are not chosen will still be General Members of the organization. 

How can I go from being a General Member to an Applied Member?

⇒ All general members can choose a track (strategy / creative) and are highly encouraged to attend our regularly scheduled training sessions. When the semester concludes, members will be asked to complete a hands-on final project and receive an evaluation for applied membership standards.

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