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Local Greens + Goods
Environmentally Sustainable 

The Issue

The Insight

Our Solution

Little Wild Things Farm is an urban indoor farm growing 30+ varieties of lettuces, microgreens and edible flowers. They sell wholesale to restaurants/popups and individual consumers via their subscription program and their Union Market salad shop location. However, they are struggling to reach its target customers — local residents in the DC area who would be loyal customers to the farm.

An industry analysis revealed that DC has 17 urban farms and also others that have a similar subscription program and farmer’s market presence as Little Wild Things. Little Wild Things stands out, however, by having a brick and mortar location in Union market. However, their location is difficult to find online, website information is inconsistent, and when we visited the location inside Union Market, the vendor was hard to find.

We developed a variety of strategies to increase the visibility of the brand and customer engagement. We recommended a

interactive map of the Dupont Farmers’ Market stall and Union Market vendor locations on the client's website and promotional flyers using Google Maps. A new 

color palette and cohesive brand book on their social media account aimed at highlighting their Union Market store through regular posts and story highlights. Additionally, our event marketing strategy includes hosting live food and beverage events, such as cooking classes and happy hours, complemented by collaborative online demonstrations

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