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Goodness. Gracious.
Say Hello to Fresh

The Issue

The Insight

Our Solution

Good Stuff Eatery is a very established brand because of its high-quality food, laid-back and welcoming ambiance, and community engagement. However, as they open new stores across the nation, they must ensure that they stay connected with each local community where their store has opened. The brand wants to continue its expansion and increase its brand recognition in its store locations.

After paying site visits to Good Stuff Eatery Georgetown storefront and speaking with the business’ owners, we discovered that student customers loved the products, but needed an incentive to return. It didn’t matter if the storefront was a brisk walk away, as long as the destination experience consistently provided solace and delight.

We began by developing a roadmap to attract, retain, grow, and inspire Good Stuff Eatery’s customers. We then brainstormed how the customer experience could come to life long-term, creating customer recognition programs that acknowledge consumer loyalty and foster a close relationship with Georgetown University. By lifting Good Stuff Eatery’s name to the forefront of student life, we ensured that happiness could indeed be found right here at home. 

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