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Ecoluxe Scents
Celebrate Latin America casa & culture

The Issue

The Insight

Our Solution

Viviana Luxury was founded just last year by Viviana Hurtado after a drastic occupation switch due to familial circumstances. Viviana Luxury offers eco-luxury candles focused on sustainability and increasing Latina representation in the luxury market. Viviana came to GMA to help enhance Viviana Luxury’s brand presence, drive awareness to new product offerings, and help wholesale expansion

Viviana Luxury is a fairly new company that was founded just last year. Thus, after further analysis, our objective was to Enhance Viviana Luxury’s brand presence and voice to better resonate with consumers while driving awareness of new product offerings and diversifying revenue streams.

We revamped Viviana Luxury's mood board with vibrant colors reflecting its Latin roots, and crafted editable social media templates, including event announcements and product highlights. Additionally, we redesigned the website for a more visually appealing and interactive experience. On the strategic front, we developed a distributor matrix for the DMV area, ranking wholesalers based on weighted factors to guide Viviana's outreach efforts effectively.

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